2020 AI Workshop

Thanks to the approximately 35 students who attended the 2020 Bay Area workshop! We will keep you posted about our future workshops.

Overall, most students at the workshop had their perceptions changed about artificial intelligence. Most of them realized that artificial intelligence was more capable than they realized. Students came in with concerns about losing jobs, privacy issues, and collection of personal data. They left realizing all of these issues as well as the possible benefits of AI in society.

During this free one-day AI workshop, students will learn about the application of
AI in today’s society and even learn how to create some AI of their own.  This workshop is available to all from 5th-8th grade. We’ll discuss some of the challenges and benefits of AI and confront societal perceptions.  No coding background knowledge is necessary; we’ll teach you what you need to know.  All that we request is that you please bring a laptop!

This workshop will be held in two locations:
Bay Area: Bay Area Location is subject to change but it will most likely be held in the Los Altos Library Orchard Room. The workshop will run from 10AM-1PM on January 12, 2020.
Central California: Central California location and schedule are TBD.

10:00-10:15 Introduction to AI
10:15-10:45 Python Introduction
10:45-11:15 Search Spaces / Data structures
11:15-12:00 NLP Presentation & Demo
12:00-12:40 Computer Vision Presentation & Demo
12:40-1:00: AI in Society Seminar

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