AI Workshop: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

This AI workshop will be held on March 1, 2020, from 10AM-1PM at the Los Altos Library. This is free and open to the public for students in 5th grade and up.
Students will learn about two applications of AI: natural language processing and computer vision. Although attending the 2020 AI workshop is not necessary to attend this workshop, AI Workshop: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing will build off of some of the previous ideas. No coding background knowledge is necessary for this workshop; we’ll be covering the basics of Python. Please bring a laptop!

10:00-10:15: Introduction to AI
10:15-10:45: Python Introduction + Review
10:45-11:00: Review of 2020 AI Workshop
11:00-11:30: Computer Vision Presentation
11:30-12:15: NLP Presentation and Word2Vec API
12:15-12:40: Search Spaces and Decision Trees
12:40-1:00: AI in Society Seminar

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