Online Servo Workshop

Thank you to those who attended the online servo workshop! Here’s the Google Slides link to the slideshow:

Here’s some sample Arduino code that we wrote in the workshop:

Unfortunately, the meeting recording stopped about 10 minutes through. However, please check back for a step-by-step guide that I will post online for coding servo motors with Arduino!
Video link to first 10 minutes:

I will be running an online CS workshop from 2-4PM on Saturday, April 25th over zoom.  Like my other workshops, this will be available to all ages.  However, I have modified it so that the workshop will no longer require physical parts; the workshop will be an overview of the coding language C++ and will only require a computer with the software and Zoom installed.  For anyone who has servo motors, I will be walking through how to operate servo motors.  The download link for the Arduino software is  Download whichever link that works for your operating system.

The zoom link for the workshop is:  If you are interested, please email me at  If you or your child cannot make the meeting, the video recording will also be posted on this website ( 

Workshop Schedule:
2-2:15PM Introduction to workshop
2:15-2:45PM What makes a robot (motors, Arduinos, servos?)
2:45-3:15PM Introduction to Arduino
3:15-3:30PM How to wire a servo
3:30-4PM Servo motor coding

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