AInspire x Ramen Club: AI in Biotech

Thank you to the attendees of this workshop! We had a great time. If you’d like to see more workshops like this, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

On Saturday, July 25th from 11AM-12PM PST, Ramen Club and AInspire are hosting a computer science workshop on AI in Biotech! At the workshop, we’ll be going over interactive coding examples of applications of AI in biology fields, such as computer vision (openCV) and NLP (word2vec) as well as our personal projects and ways that you can help out or become a part of our team. You can find the zoom links below.

In order to join this workshop, it is recommended that you have some prior experience in Python. If you don’t know Python but would still like to attend, Code Academy has a great free course that you can take to learn Python: You don’t need any experience in Machine Learning. Lastly, we recommend that you have installed Google Colaboratory in your Drive (Instructions below), as well as maybe a Python IDE or text editor (such as Pycharm, VSCode, Sublime Text).

You can check out AInspire’s website here:

zoom links:

Part 1 (1:00-1:30):
Meeting ID: 751 4472 6297
Passcode: biotech

Part 2 (1:30-2:00):
Meeting ID: 781 5070 7896
Passcode: biotech


11AM-11:30AM AInspire presentation
– Intro to AI + ML
– High Level Overview of CNNs
– Create your own CNN
11:30AM-12AM Ramen Club presentation

Google Colab is a tool that will allow you to code in your Google Drive, almost like Google Docs for Python files. To download Google Colaboratory:

Go to + New in the top left folder, hover over More, and go to Connect more Apps.

It should bring up an app screen like the following. In the search bar in the top right, search “colab” and install the Colaboratory app that comes up (it should look like the one below).

Done! Happy Coding!

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