Web Accessibility Event with VMWare Engineers

This live workshop is members-only. However, the recording will be posted here, so you can check out features of an accessible vs. inaccessible website!

This event is a collaboration between the Ramen Club and two VMWare employees, Joyce Oshita and Chris Lane. The two work together on VMWare products to help make them more accessible for all users. They will be going through what features make a site accessible or inaccessible with the Ramen Club website as an example, and then they will have time for Q&A.


Joyce Oshita, VMWare
Chris Lane, Senior Accessibility Engineer, VMWare

Event Schedule:

6-6:10PM Introductions
6:10-6:40PM Overview of Accessibility (done by Joyce Oshita and Chris Lane)
6:40-6:50 Q&A
6:50-7PM Wrap up + closing


If you’re interested in learning more about accessibility, Joyce Oshita recommends these websites:

“[This] is an automated tool to identify accessibility issues and is a good place to start understanding what kind of issues can be found with an automated tool.  There are a lot of good articles on the site as well and provide a good starting place.”

“The source of the guidelines that define ‘accessibility’ – there is a lot of information here so a great resource to get into the details.”

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