The Ramen Club is a small team of STEM and AI enthusiasts from the Bay Area, with local and remote teams, founded with the intention to increase community involvement, accessibility, and interest in STEM.  We thrive to use engineering skills to close gaps of global inequalities.   We run both STEM workshops and do tech projects. Our most recent tech project is designing a glove which assists blind people in accessing their favorite internet programs, such as Gmail or Spotify.

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The Ramen Club accepts members from around the world. Apply to be considered to be a branch lead and open a new branch in your area!

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Viansa Schmulbach

President, Founder, Software Head

Viansa Schmulbach is a rising freshman at UC Berkeley. Her main passions include participating in FIRST robotics as the captain of her team, studying medicine, and playing the ukulele.  Some of her involvements in AI consist of: participating in a 3 member team to design an AI which ranks ambulance calls and places them on a color-coded map, taking part in an IEEE AI ethics group, and developing a computer vision to detect poverty from satellite images as part of SAILORS 2017.  She is currently working on an initiative to increase STEM education in underprivileged families and schools. As one step of this initiative, she founded the Ramen Club and hosted a free week-long STEM camp over the summer of 2018. She particularly helps to organize events, meetings, and timeline, work on overall design, and determine the future goals of the Ramen Club.  She works on the mechanical and hackathon team.

Contact me: viansa02@gmail.com

Esha Umbarkar

Vice President, Mechanical Head

Esha is a rising senior at Woodside Priory who has been a part of robotics Team 751 for three years. Her main interests are in STEM, specifically in AI, physics, math, and engineering, and their applications in the world. On the robotics team, she has been in leadership positions such as the drivetrain component head for the last year. In addition, she also enjoys rock climbing and adventuring outdoors. Currently, she is working on both the mechanical team for a project of the Ramen Club which involves making technology to help the blind, and the hackathon team.

Email me: eumbarkar@gmail.com

Catherine Laserna

Central California Branch Member

Catherine Laserna is an incoming sophomore at Sierra Pacific in Central California.  She belongs to the Stanford AI4ALL 2019 alumni group.  Her interest in CS is strongly tied to her love for video games. Outside of CS, she enjoys both reading and singing.  She is currently a part of her school’s AcaDeca club and Colorguard team.

Chinenye Oluka

British Columbia Branch Member

Chinenye Oluka is a sophomore at the University of British Columbia. She intends to complete a combined major in computer science and statistics. Her hobbies include singing and playing the ukulele. She has experience with Java, JavaScript and Python languages.She is passionate about using technology to improve the day-to-day lives of individuals.

And thanks to former members…

Dimitri Saliba | Former VP, Systems Head

Ryan Schackel | Former Website Manager, Mechanical Head

Matthew Cirimele | Former Website Manager, Software Head

Robert (Bobby) Youstra | Former Website Manager, Software Head

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