BLOG: Second Meeting

Saturday, June 9th, we hosted our second meeting to finalize our original design.  This meeting was attended in-person by Viansa Schmulbach, Ryan Schackel, Dimitri Saliba, Bobby Youstra, and Matthew Cirimele.

Meeting Goals:

  • do research on the following topics:
    • general blind struggles
    • struggles of having a guard dog, to determine how we can address them with our robot; why does our robot have an appeal over a blind dog?
    • interview actual blind people → scheduled or look into the internet
    • organizations involving the blind to contact/reach out to
  • finalize our design
  • decide the overall function our our design

Overall, we realized there was no need for our original design.  Instead, we decided to come up with a new design which would actually benefit the people whom we meant to assist.  However, our own experiences were limited.  We realized we needed to speak to an actual organization who assisted the blind.

Post written by: Viansa Schmulbach