Digital Optic Device

Ansa presents a slideshow on the device.

Assisted Computer Interaction

As a team of students located throughout US and Canada, we are developing an assistive device for those who are blind or visually impaired. As of yet, we’ve conducted interviews with over 15 individuals, including members of the visually blind or impaired community, presidents of major organizations, and accessibility events.

The Project

our design process

Ansa speaks at the Salesforce Analytics Expedition.

We are interested first and foremost in reaching the needs of those who have visual impairments; as such, we conduct one-on-one surveys with members of the community and professionals.

Ansa and a group of students at the Salesforce Expedition.

Our thorough prototyping process includes a rigorous project evaluation through standards determined by your input.

Glove prototype (very preliminary).

In our final stages, we hope to make a deliverable that can reach both members of our nearby communities in the Bay, Central California, and British Columbia but also people around the world.

Looking for ways to help?

Picture of the Ramen Club team.

our background

We believe that tech should be used not to further the wealth gap but as a tool for those who can benefit from it the most: underserved communities. We look to not only help develop technology but also truly listen and bring a voice to those communities. By supporting us, you not only support our mission but inspire us as students to continue to work on technology that drives societal good.

We’re thankful for the opportunity that Viansa got at Salesforce to present our work on the project. You can view her presentation here. We’d also like to thank the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired for their guidance on this project.