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As a team of students from across the US and Canada, we welcome people from any and all backgrounds. We meet weekly from 4-5PM on Wednesdays.

If you choose to join us, you’ll be working on tasks that align with your personal goals. Right now, for example, we have teams of people hosting workshops, working on our Optics project, or leading our outreach and website team.

Who should apply?

We are looking for people with both technical and non-technical skills, people who can help us code (at workshops or on projects), help gather sponsors, organize events, write blog posts, and many more.  We don’t require a huge amount of commitments, a couple hours a week maybe, save for a couple bigger events, because we understand you are all students as well.

Ramen Club is open to people who are high school level and older, and if you’re looking to come on as a software developer, you should have a moderate level of programming experience.

Why apply?

From working with the Ramen Club, you can get valuable skills such as leadership, charity, activism, and problem-solving, and get exposure to sharing your projects (news article on Ramen Club).  You would be able to help solve real-world problems with tech, with solutions that actually cater towards the market audience.  For our glove project, we interviewed some people from the Vista Center Palo Alto for the Blind and Visually Impaired in order to get a view of what would actually benefit our audience.  Developing a solution that not only works, but listens to the voices and feedback of the people who we are aiming to help is important to us.