Ryan Schackel

Rising freshman at California Polytechnic State University and an avid member of team 751 for over 4 years, former vice-captain and captain-elect of the Robotics team. Works to help lead team 751, ensure the training of new members and managing the project of building a robot in 6 weeks. Interested in Mechanical engineering and applying engineering principles to real-life problems. Has extensive experience with C.A.D. and design work as well as practical skills with machine and shop tools. Head of drivetrain design on team 751 for last 2 years. Over the summer he plans on teaching kids how to sail at a summer camp and taking community college courses. Additional plans include starting a free class at Redwood City Library with his former classmate to teach young children how to code, as well as planning to serve as the Captain of Team 751. Works on the mechanical subteam as well as a small role on the hackathon subteam of the Ramen club.