Viansa Schmulbach

Viansa Schmulbach is a rising senior and a Stanford AI4ALL 2017 alum in Northern California.  Her main passions include participating in FIRST robotics as the captain of her team, studying medicine, and playing the ukulele.  Some of her involvements in AI consist of: participating in a 3 member team to design an AI which ranks ambulance calls and places them on a color-coded map, taking part in an IEEE AI ethics group, and developing a computer vision to detect poverty from satellite images as part of SAILORS 2017.  She is currently working on an initiative to bring STEM to underprivileged families and schools. As one step of this initiative, she founded the Ramen Club and hosted a free week-long STEM camp over the summer of 2018. She particularly helps to organize events, meetings, and timeline, work on overall design, and determine the future goals of the Ramen Club.  She works on the mechanical and hackathon team.

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